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Authorised Casio Service Center

We are one stop shop for repairs of all electronic gadgets. We are authorised Casio Service Center. We repair Casio Musical organs, Pianos, Electronics synthesizers, watches, calculators and other products. We also repair Yamaha musical products, Mixer grinders, Induction cooktops, Microwave ovens, Music systems, LED TVS, Computer desktops and laptops.

What Mobile Phone Problems Can We Fix?

Cracked Screen

We successfully do replacement of cracked screens of mobile phones through our channel partners.

Water Damage

We are able to revive 60% of mobile phones from water damage.

Faulty Speakers

We are able to change faulty speakers of mobile phones of leading brands.

No charging

This happens mainly due to malefunction of charging socket, which we do replace.

Dead Battery

We do replacement of original batteries of all leading mobile phones including IPhone. In case original batteries are not available we provide quality alternative for the same with reasonable price and warranty.



We are authorised service center for Casio pianos, music synthesizers, electronic organs, calculators, watches. We are not restricted to Casio only and repair similar products of Yamaha and Roland.

Apart from that we repair induction cooktop, induction cooker, music system, laptops, destop computers, music systems LED TVS of all popular brands.

Casio piano repair

It is highly technical job. You cannot rely upon streetside vendor to repair a Casio piano. We provide highly skilled manpower to repair your sophisticated piano. We stock ample spare parts for Casio products. We also provide home service for this product range.

Computer repair

We repair and service desktops and laptops of all major brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP and other brands. We have experienced engineers to repair computer motherbords. We also undertake repairs of laser printers and refill of cartidges.

Music system repair

It includes the repair and service of legacy DVD and CD players, amplifiers, speakers and music systems. We also repair current line of  blue tooth devices, Caravan, microphones, headphones, radios and other musical products.

Mobile and tablet repair

This is highly sophisticated repairs. We have our channel partners who undertake specialized repairs of mobile phones and tablets.

Computer monitor and LED TV repair

We have qualified engineers to undertake repairs and service of LED TVS of all leading brands and computer monitors. This include LED / OLED / LCD change / repairs.

Induction cooktop and microwave oven repair

We have experience in repairs of microwave oven for over 30 years. We do successful replacement of cyclotron and diodes of microwave oven which are the main faulty elements. We successfully repair induction based cooktops of all leading brands.

What Casio Keyboard Problems Can We Fix?

Dead set

This mainly happens because of faulty power supply due to power line fluctuations. Successful repairs need replacement of diode / transistor / IC or capacitor.

Key damage

One or more keys can be replaced by original ones. Over a period of wear and tear we recommend replacement of complete key set.

Spare change

We stock most common original spare parts of current models, which can be replaced or customer’s requirement.

LCD change

LCD change is critical job. Our factory trained technicians do this work adeptly.

Faulty or no sound

Faulty sound mainly occurs due to fault in power amplifier or preamplifier section. Main cultrits are power transistors or capacitors.

Body repair

Occasionaly on demand we replace the whole body or body parts.

Keyboard hang problem

This happens due to faulty motherboard. We stock motherboards of most common CASIO keyboards.

Hammer replacement

Over a continuous exertion on keyboard for a long time, which is natural, the underlying hammers of the keys go bad. As such the keys do not naturally bounce back and stay in pressed position. This needs replacement of complete hammer set.


About Us

Capital Electronics was founded in year 1972 by three brothers 1) Krishna Swaroop Agarwal, 2) Anand Swaroop Agarwal, 3) Rajendra Swaroop Agarwal, inaguratedd by honourable Ratan Tata jee. It had been leading retailer of electronic products for over 4 decades.

At present Capital Electronics is authorised service center of Casio Japan. Apart from repairing all Casio products we repair other electronic items and household gadgets like LED TVS, induction cooktops, music systems, laptops, desktop computers etc. We are also in the field of software development. The present owner of company is software engineer, catering to mission critical software projects in cutting edge technologies.



About Us

We have huge experience in repairs and service of electronic products backed by engineering background. Knowledge with experience give us a killer combination.

We understand the microprocessor and microcomputer based systems and are experts in doing diagnosis of actual problem.

We also undertake repairs of legacy Casio musical instruments which otherwise are denied repairs in most of the repair shops.


How It Works

Physical transport of set by customer

Customer can bring the set to our repair shop and get it repaired by our experts. The repaired article can be taken delivery by the customer or it can be sent to customer’s address.

Home collection with home delivery

Customer provides us address of faulty set on email or whatsapp or phone. Our service staff collects the set from customer’s place and delivers it back after repairs. Customer need not has to visit our place.

Payment mode

Payments can be made by cash / cheque / on line mode / paytm / RTGS / NEFT / UPI.

What Our Customers Are Saying



I had a major problem with my Casio Synthesizer and had a tough time to find out source of repair. Finally Capital Electronics came to my rescue and made the Synthesizer perfectly alright.

Here I must appreciate the customer friendly services rendered by Ms Kamalika Roy and Mr. Saurabh Dey. They are wonderful people and to my mind they are the assets of Capital Electronics, Kolkata.

Hope Capital Electronics will Keep up the good works and behaviour for years to come.


Gautam Das

High quality sales and service. Being a professional cine still photographer, I have 12 years of satisfying experience with them.

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