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Technical personnel

He is computer science engineer, with a solid technical knowledge of electronic circuits. He has over 30 years of experience in computer software and electronic circuits. He helps automating operations through computer software and training the technical staff.

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She is a wonderful HR for Capital Electronics and we are proud for her. She has over 12 years of experience in HR matters. She interacts with CASIO company personnels and also helps our customers to get their problems solved at an early stage. She is often highly appreciated for her magnificent behavior and attitude by top class people.



He is a technical yet cheerful guy. He is able to withstand critical pressure of work and deliver output for a customer smile. He possesses 5+ years of experience in repairs of mobile phones and Casio keyboards. He is enthusiastic about automation. At present he is working as chief technician cum manager in the company.


Chief technician

He is abnormally dedicated to work. He won’t let go a customer’s set without repairs. He has surprisingly repaired several non-revivable CASIO keyboards damaged due to accidents or fire. His patience is adorable and he is most valuable asset to our company and for our customers. He bears experience over 25+ years and he is highly technical in his approach.


Senior technician

Parimal is a highly skilled technician with over 30 years of experience in repairing a wide range of electronic gadgets. He has the expertise to repair various items, including TVs, audio systems, microwave ovens, mixer grinders, DVD players, record players, radios, and other electronic products. Parimal possesses an unwavering commitment to restoring the functionality of faulty devices and will persist until he successfully repairs them.



Swapan is a skilled and dedicated accountant who plays a critical role in the success of Capital Electronics. His expertise in accounting provides the necessary foundation for our business to thrive. Swapan guides us through the complexities of GST and taxation laws, ensuring that we operate our business in full compliance with legal requirements. Without his contributions, our business would not be able to prosper as it does.

Tapan Halder


Tapan was a source of inspiration to us for an incredible 40 years. During his tenure, he played a crucial role in Capital Electronics’ success, particularly during the 1980s when we were manufacturing Color TVs and audio systems. Tapan laid the foundation for our company’s repair department, which has become an essential aspect of our operations. Although Tapan is now retired and no longer works with us, he remains a source of inspiration for all of us. We are grateful for his many contributions and are proud to carry on his legacy in our work.

Tapan’s impact on Sushant’s life extends beyond his 40-year career at Capital Electronics. When Sushant was just 15 years old, he went to shop and asked a seemingly naive question about speaker connections. Tapan took the time to answer Sushant’s question and inspired him to learn more about electronics by purchasing him books on the subject and helping him assemble his first pocket radio. Tapan taught Sushant the art of repairing electronics and fueled his passion for circuits.

However, Sushant wanted to understand the function of transistors and integrated circuits in greater detail, which Tapan could not provide. So, Sushant took an oath to become an electronics engineer. After completing his B.Tech in computer science and electronics, Sushant joined Capital Electronics and worked alongside Tapan. His engineering education provided him with a deeper understanding of complex circuits, and he and Tapan repaired many VCRs, musical instruments, and electronic keyboards together.

Today, Sushant develops complex software for foreign clients, but he always remembers Tapan’s guidance and inspiration, which changed the course of his life.

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